martedì 26 luglio 2011

A GPU based Meshlab plugin for Obscurance!!

I have recently completed a plugin for MeshLab to calculate volumetric obscurance on a mesh.
If you use ambient occlusion in your work, consider using my filter instead, because obscurance avoids the strong darkening of internal parts with a spatial decay te
rm. You can see the preview of the plugin in the Facebook's page of MeshLab. Maybe I will provide some explanations of the implementation in a future post. All the source code is provided together with MeshLab. (At time I am writing my folder is in src/fgt/filter_sdfgpu.The name comes from the other filter included, more about this in the future). You can download everything via SVN. For further details see the reference paper: Iones Krupkin Sbert Zhukov - Fast, Realistic Lighting for Video Games - IEEECG&A 2003

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