venerdì 29 luglio 2011

GPU - accelerated Shape Diameter Function filter for MeshLab

An other MeshLab's filter coming! I developed (together with the previous filter of Obscurance) one filter that calculates the Shape-Diameter Function (SDF). SDF is a scalar function defined on the mesh surface. It expresses a measure of the neighborhood diameter of the object at each point on the surface on the mesh surface. You can think about SDF as reasonable measure of the 'thickness' of an object.
It is useful to segment 3D objects into meaningful parts but also a pratical way to evaluate the thickness of your objects before 3D printing them.
The SDF is also used for the auto-skeletonisation of characters, animals ecc... It would be nice to exploit this work developing a filter for auto-rigging a character, a nice feauture that was recently added to the Mixamo tools ( See the reference paper for further details:​/research/projects/sdf/.
A preview of the filter was published on the MeshLab's Facebook page.
Lucy model, courtesy of Stanford University. (

3 commenti:

  1. Hi Andrea,

    I'm really impressed with your SDF implementation in MeshLab. It works absolutely fine within the application, however when called as a script via the command prompt, MeshLab crashes. Do you have any ideas as to why this might be?


  2. Hi thank you very much for your appreciation. We will check your problem and we let you know as soon as possible. I will post a comment here to inform you.


  3. Dear James,

    the shape diamter function plugin cannont work via the command prompt as it requires an openGL contest to work, and the contest cannot be created in simple ways for window less application. At the time of writing thus it is not possible to use this plugin from the command prompt.